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A private photography lesson with a Mark Gray Accredited Instructor is the fastest and easiest way to master landscape photography...

Learn landscape photography at a location of your choice from a Mark Gray Accredited Instructor (trained by Mark himself)
3 or 6 hour lessons are available any time of day, 7 days a week (subject to availability)
Bring your own camera or use one of our professional DSLR's for no additional cost
Take home a technical handbook with extensive photography information, resources and our recommended suppliers
Bring up to 3 extra participants & split the cost of the photography lesson between you
(There is a small surcharge for each participant)
Gift Certificates are available for no extra cost


Private Photography Lessons Melbourne
©Thomas Gloor 2012 (Switzerland)
Photography Lessons Melbourne
©Thomas Gloor 2012 (Switzerland)
Photography Courses Melbourne
©Thomas Gloor 2012 (Switzerland)

"Hi Mark,

Just a quick email to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed our two day private photography lesson at Merimbula during January, 2012. I learned an incredible amount and I'm simply amazed at the photo's I captured! I also greatly appreciated how you were able to tailor the lesson to my individual needs - composing professional quality photographs.

Even with basic English skills I found it extremely easy to understand what you were teaching and I really appreciated how quickly you picked up on my level of experience. The money I invested in the two day private lesson was well worthwhile and in fact, it was the main reason I flew from my hometown in Switzerland all the way to Australia! I greatly admire your work and it was an honour to be taught by you."

Thomas Gloor, Switzerland - March 2012


Over the past 5 years we have worked with more than 1,000 beginner, amateur and semi-professional photographers from many countries across the world, teaching them how to capture professional quality landscape photographs...

Whether you shoot with digital or film, a half or full day private photography lesson with a Mark Gray Accredited Instructor will help you achieve the best possible results from your camera.

Technical Handbook Content

• Part 1 Setting Up Your Camera
Learn how to setup your camera to shoot landscapes effectively. Lens selection, filters, tripods and more.
• Part 2 Exposure, Camera Modes & Understanding Your Histogram
Learn the art of perfecting your exposure using the correct ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed in Av, Tv and/or Manual Mode.
• Part 3 Composition Techniques
Learn how to compose landscape photographs effectively using easy to understand techniques.
• Part 4 Working With Natural Light Effectively
Learn how to work with natural light, read weather, predict sunrises/sunsets and pick the best times to shoot a scene.
• Part 5 Recommended Resources
A comprehensive list of websites for photo sharing, photo tutorials, weather information and more.
• Part 6 Recommended Suppliers
A comprehensive list of our recommended suppliers for camera equipment, printing, framing and more.


"Mark, It was a real pleasure to meet and listen to you. Our session opened my eyes to a whole new world. As I told you I had done some reading on photography and attended a class at Michaels but all of that paled in the face of your expertise. I have attached the image that most appeals to my eye for your viewing. Thankyou and good luck with your business and your book. Don't forget to put me down for a copy! "

Dale Battley, Victoria - March 2011

"Hi Mark,

Just wanted to thank you for a great time we had yesterday. Even with the wet weather, we still had a lovely day. Thank you for all the tips and advice you provided us with. My images have come up really well......... I've never used my manual focus so much - with the results being so sharp! Thanks again for a great day. Best wishes for you and your wife as you make the move to Merimbula. Enjoy the sea-change :) "

Andrea Perrin, Victoria - August 2010

"In August I had a private photography lesson with Mark.  Mark was extremely professional, well organised and approachable.  He was patient with me as a novice camera user and never made me feel bad when I asked a 'silly' question or when he had to explain something to me again.  He was encouraging of the photos I took and built my confidence as the lesson progressed.  He never seemed rushed or concerned about time, allowing me to relax and go at my pace and not feel like I had to hurry to get the shots taken. 

I managed to go away with some good shots that I wanted to show to people.  Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson it wasn't until I got home and thought about it that I realised what a great experience it was.  The service I got was fabulous, exceeding my expectations.  The customer service he provided (in the shape of a booklet, advice, catering the lesson to my needs and level, the patience, the ability to explain in a way I could understand, the way he built up your skills and your confidence, the friendly and fun personality and the passion he has for photography that he imbued and was contagious) was exceptional, above and beyond what I had expected. 

The best thing about the photography lesson was the generosity that Mark showed in offering his time and experience if I had any further questions.  I did have further questions and Mark was as good as his word and answered them with the same patience and clarity as in the lesson.  It is so easy to spend a huge amount of money on camera accessories to improve your shot but doing the private lesson with Mark was the best money I have spent on my camera!"

Sarah Fogarty, Victoria - August 2010

"Thank you Mark for the fantastic photography lesson. I gained more practical knowledge than I ever could from a manual, and the photos I took turned out beautifully. I have received so many lovely comments about them!"

Stephanie Wallis, Victoria - May 2010

"Hi Mark,

Just a note to catch up and say thank you very much for the time you spent with me in March. It was a pleasure to meet you and I can see by some of your new photo’s that your trip north was a success for you. I appreciated your ability to read at what level I was at and adopting the lesson to suit.

Your tips and advice have been very helpful and I spent May shooting entirely with the wide angle lens in Central Australia. I got some great shots despite the weather and not always being in the right place for the lighting. It has encouraged me to see the improvements in my composition and looking for a different angle. Thanks again and love your work! "

Allen Windus, Queensland - March 2010

"Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great day. I learnt heaps of new photography techniques and reminded of a lot of techniques forgotten. Your approach was very relaxed and incredibly informative.

I look forward to participating in one of your photo tours in the future. Again, thanks for a great day of learning."

Steve Bortolotto, Victoria - April 2010

"Hey Mark,

Just checking in to say thanks again for the photography lesson you gave my brother and myself a couple of months ago.

We've since been on a couple of trips and ironed out a few issues we were having.. and even though we didn't get the weather we'd hoped for in Tassie... we still came away with some great shots and near perfect exposures. So thanks again.

Hope all is going well for yourself. Some great new shots on your site, very nice work.

Cheers Mate!"

Shaun & Kelvin Burrage, Victoria - March 2010

"Dear Mark,

I am writing to thank you so much for yesterdays photography lesson that you provided for myself, Jack and John. We all had a great day with your professional and friendly tuition! It was a very enlightening and informative photography lesson. The day has inspired us to produce far better photos by using the camera more fully. We can now take our camera's out of auto mode and deal up the right settings with some confidence and get that better shot. The information handbook you provided will be a real bonus as a reference guide to remind us of what we have learnt.

We are looking forward to our African Safari holiday and sending you a good photo or two! All the best for the future."

Christina Garde, Victoria - August 2009

"Hi Suzy,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your personal touch in the correspondence in regards to the photography lesson. That meant a lot as I was not another number which happens so often in life.

Mark is an excellent tutor and I enjoyed the day immensely. I now have the confidence to go out and enjoy my camera and the photo’s that I will be taking. The personal lesson provides you with so much more information and knowledge than a class atmosphere. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to learn about photography. I also learnt so much more about my camera and its capabilities. Marks relaxed manner made me feel very much at ease. There isn’t anything I could fault and the highlight was to get home, put my photos onto the computer and think wow, I can create those shots with my camera. Value for money was excellent and I can’t wait to go on one of your day tours. The handbook is easy to read and follow as the science of photography can be confusing.

I am planning to go out next weekend and get some of the good shots that in the past have been just a wish. Thank you both very much and I look forward to the next photography course.

Thank you very much and I shall be in contact again very soon."

Trish Dowie, Victoria - June 2009

"Hi Mark and Suzy,

Firstly I would like to thank you Suzy for all of your help and patience in making Saturday a great day for me, I loved every minute (except the cold).

Mark a very big thank you. I have printed out my photos, they are great – I have put notes next to them too. Mark your patience and knowledge was fantastic and you made the morning fun. I did not feel too much of a twit. I look forward in doing a 3 day tour with you in the near future, but for now I will enjoy playing around with my camera, thinking of you as I am finding things to take photos of!

Once again thank you to both of you, the whole experience was great. I wish you all the best!"

Paula Speakman, Victoria - March 2009

photography classes melbourne
©Photograph Copyright Trevor Smithson, Melbourne 2008
photography class melbourne
©Photograph Copyright Trevor Smithson, Melbourne 2008

"As a keen photographer over the past 30 years I am always trying to improve my skills. Recently I had the privilege of spending four hours with Mark Gray and my skills and knowledge rose dramatically. I was able to achieve a level of ability which I had not yet been able to attain even though I had acceptances in National/International Salon Photography. Mark provided comprehensive notes, simple explanations and drew my attention to the elements required to produce excellent photos.

He used a practical “hands on” approach which facilitated greater understanding and learning of the photographic process. It was the best four hours of tutoring that I have ever experienced and I highly recommend to any person wishing to improve their photographic capabilities to take lessons from this great Australian landscape photographer.

One feature was not only the taking of the photo but also the requirements to achieve outstanding results in processing, printing and post production.

Thanks Mark for a wonderful photographic experience!"

Trevor Smithson, Victoria - February 2008

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With 260 International Awards, Mark has owned and operated 4 retail galleries across 3 states of Australia, his work now collected in 32 countries across the world.

Australian Photographer

Considered by many to be Australia's new leading landscape photographer, Mark's work and passion for his craft is unsurpassed. He is also highly regarded for his unique ability to teach the art of landscape photography to photographers of all skill levels, making complicated things appear remarkably simple.

Mark's passion and unique teaching abilities are now shared with his team of passionate instructors allowing for more workshops to be released and more budding photographers to learn and experience the joy that landscape photography can bring.

Read Mark's Full Biography


©Photograph Copyright Rob Lee, Merimbula 2010

"Dear Mark, thank you for a great photographic experience over the 3rd & 4th December 2010.

Your approach to the personal tuition provided me with the right balance of challenge and guidance. The images we took during those two days have received rave reviews from family and friends! I am very pleased with the results. I now know considerably more about taking deliberate, interesting and intriguing landscape photographs.

Also, congratulations on the recognition you received in the International Aperture Awards 2010. Well deserved.

I will continue to post some shots to your Flickr page and, with luck, will see you on one of your tours sometime during the year.

Don't forget, if you ever need someone to carry your camera (and everyone else in the line in front of me is busy) give me a call!"

Rob Lee (ACT), Merimbula - Dec. 2010

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